Explore Kodaikanal with Travels Kodaikanal

Discover the beauty of Kodaikanal on our guided tours of the park and its surroundings. From Kurunji Andawer Temple to Palani View, experience the beauty and serenity of this hill station like never before.

The best temple tour in town

Visit the iconic Kurunji Andawer temple for a spiritual experience like no other. Get a bird's eye view of Palani from the lookout points, and witness the breathtaking landscape surrounding the city.

City view from a different angle

Explore Kodaikanal from a different angle with our City View tour. We'll take you to all the places of interest around the city, including Jain Temple, Natural Science Museum, Silver Cascade Waterfalls, Vaigai Dam View and more!

Experience nature at its best

Experience lush green forests, picturesque waterfalls and majestic mountains on our Nature Tour. Explore Bryant Park and Kodaikanal lake as you witness nature in its full glory. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience!

  • Kurunji Andawer Temple

  • Palani View

  • City View

  • Chettiyar Park

  • Jain Temple

  • Natural Science Museum

  • Silver Cascade Waterfalls

  • Kodaikanal City View

  • Vaigai Dam View

  • Bryant Park

  • Kodaikanal Lake

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Innova Rs.2,000
Tavera Rs.2,000
Tempo Traveller Rs.2,500
20 Seated Van Rs.3,000